Buellton Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau
597 Avenue of Flags, Unit #101 Buellton, CA 93427
Toll Free: (800) 324-3800 - Local: (805) 688-7829
Website: http://www.visitbuellton.com
Email: info@visitbuellton.com

Toll Free: (800) 324-3800
Buellton Vineyards and Wine Tasting

Buellton History

Buellton came into being in January of 1918 when a newly built bridge was opened across the Santa Ynez River. This bridge led to an intersection with the "Missions Highway" and would become the newly established route of the Coast Highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The route was later numbered Highway 101 as we know it today, and the Missions Highway became Highway 246.

The name "Buellton" was gleaned from the family name of Rufus Thompson Buell upon whose land the town was established. Rufus "R.T." Buell came to California from Vermont in search of gold in 1849. He eventually made his way down the coast after his plans for striking it rich in the gold fields did not pan out.

Thousands of travelers have come to know Buellton as, “The Home of Split Pea Soup” thanks to the worldwide fame of Andersen’s Pea Soup Restaurant. Today Buellton is known for much more. The Academy Award winning film, “Sideways” featured many scenes from the popular wine region and local attractions. Craft beer, farm to table restaurants, industry, and light manufacturing are also what make this bustling town hold its place on the map. Buellton is much more than you see from the highway. As you travel a block or two from the freeway, you’ll discover the many hidden gems, and the friendly faces of Buellton who take pride and welcome you to our community. Eat, Stay, & Play in Buellton!

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